Mom Was About To Take Screaming Baby Home But Is Stunned When The Server Says ‘Sit Back Down’

Sometimes we just want to get out of the house so we pack up the kids and head out for a meal. That is what Courtney Pedigo did when she took her one-year-old daughter, Harlynn out to the Olive Garden restaurant in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Harlynn was getting fussy about halfway through the meal and started to cry. As any parent can tell you, it can be extremely stressful when that happens. Courtney began to experience that stress as her daughter started to cry louder and struggle to get out of her booster seat to run around the restaurant.

Courtney didn’t want to make a scene so she got the attention of her server and asked for a box to go so she could take the dinner home.

Little did she know that she would get the exact opposite answer from what she expected. Her server, a 22-year-old woman named Nianna Rudder, told her ‘No’.

The server made it clear that she wasn’t allowing Courtney and her daughter to stop their meal and take it home. She then provided an act of kindness that left Courtney in a state of “complete shock.” In fact, she was so taken by it that she went on Facebook to share her story.

That story is now going viral:

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