Bride Demands $30K From Friend For “Upstaging” Her At Wedding With Her Pregnancy

Weddings are often thought to be the day where the bride gets all the attention, and for some brides they take that very much to heart, often turning into bridezillas at the slightest inconvenience. One such bride even went as far as to ask on Reddit if she was a jerk for wanting to ask one of her bridesmaids for a $30K “refund” after she “upstaged” her at her own wedding – she didn’t quite get the response she was probably hoping for.

Reddit user who goes by the name IgnoredBride started her story off by stating that this had occurred some time ago. She had been planning her wedding for many years, and was meticulous about everything, even down to the guest list. At the time she says she only allowed married bridesmaids to bring plus ones, and her friend Anna, didn’t have that option.

IgnoredBride says Anna was offended – as expected – because she was in a relationship at the time, even though IgnoredBride called it “casual”. This is where the story starts to take a turn as IgnoredBride makes it all about Anna and her boyfriend, who apparently ended up getting married and pregnant.

The marriage and pregnancy part seems superfluous at this point as IgnoredBride points out that Anna did do something a little sketchy in terms of she asked another bridesmaid with a plus one to sneak her friend for her as her date. According to IgnoredBride, both she and her husband hated the friend Anna snuck in.

You would think that her beef with Anna over sneaking a friend into the wedding would be the point of contention that would warrant her feeling like she needs reimbursement, but it’s not. What actually made IgnoredBride livid and seeking compensation, is the fact that Anna actually dared to attend the wedding pregnant and with a tall, attractive husband. To add insult to injury, Anna apparently also has an infectious personality that draws people towards her, so all together, IgnoredBride felt that she and her husband took the attention away from IgnoredBride and her groom.

Following that, IgnoredBride goes on to be upset that Anna has a great life and says she was flaunting it at her wedding. And after that she oddly blames Anna’s friend for “forcing” her brother to come out of the closet following a mutual hook up – sounds like that wedding had all the fun drama.

But IgnoredBride didn’t enjoy her evening at all. She was so distraught apparently, that she had to leave her own reception early. She can’t even look at her own wedding photos from the night because it depresses her since Anna and her husband were apparently the “stars” of the evening. That’s why she wants them to pay her restitution, so she can have a new do-over wedding.

Of course, IgnoredBride doesn’t see herself by any means near bridezilla territory, instead she’s just a victim – an innocent person who put tons of effort, planning, and money into her wedding only for it to be “hijacked”.

While some people will agree with IgnoredBride that Anna shouldn’t have snuck a guest into her wedding, the sympathy stops there. Wanting payback because you’ve got the personality of mulch and you’re friend is more fun to be around, that’s entirely IgnoredBride’s problem to sort out…preferably with a therapist.

A little advice to IgnoredBride: weddings are supposed to be about the happiness that you’ve found with your partner and then sharing that happiness with the people who care about you two the most. It shouldn’t be a status flaunt, because if your happiness is contingent on the misery of others then you’ll be the one to end up dissatisfied with your life.

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