Bride-To-Be Gets Her Shelter Dog A Matching Dress So She Can Join In On The Wedding

Jennifer Hindieh is a bride who was looking to have the most special wedding day possible. Nothing new to report there, right? There was one special twist, though. She wanted to make sure that her dog Bailey was involved. She and the dog have been the best of friends ever since she brought her home at the tender age of five months. Jennifer knew that her big day would not be truly special without her presence.

She’s been like family to her ever since she brought him home from the North Hempstead Animal Shelter. Once she and her boyfriend got engaged, they knew that she needed to be included in their ceremony. Bailey is a friendly dog who loves to goof around. It was a cinch to find a role for her. The couple knew that she would be the life of the party.

She is the type of dog who thinks nothing of leaping into a stranger’s vehicle. Bailey will also smother you with kisses if you let her. In order to involve her, her mother would have to place a very special order. After all, she could not walk down the aisle without the proper threads. To that end, Jennifer made the only call that she could.

During the process of shopping for a wedding dress, she realized that she would need to find one for the dog too! Her sidekick could not walk the aisle without their own beautiful ensemble. Jennifer finally found the proper dress for Bailey, so that she could walk down the aisle in style. Looking for one of your own? Head to Etsy.

The good folks at CocoAndBushkaCouture will be more than happy to assist you in this regard. Since Bailey is used to rocking her hoodie on colder days, getting her to wear the dress was not a problem. She seems to be quite comfortable, in fact! We cannot stop laughing at her facial expression. It is like she is saying “about time, people!” with her eyes.

Jennifer says that she considers Bailey to be her child and we fully understand where she is coming from. Anyone who is against the idea of letting a dog participate in a wedding is a fun hater, in our humble opinion. We are glad that she found a role for Bailey and we are also glad that Jennifer provided the world with photos to enjoy and pass along to all of the dog lovers in their life.

h/t: TheDodo

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