Man Delivers Thousands Of Gallons Of Water To Animals Suffering During Drought

Those who reside in Kenya are already well aware of the droughts that the nation experiences. These droughts are tough on everyone, of course. They are especially difficult for the animals that are forced to endure them, though. Their watering holes will often dry out completely. This leaves the animals with nowhere else to go when it comes time to quench their thirst.

Patrick Killonzo Mwalua is a local pea farmer who decided that he wanted to help these animals. Tsavo West National Park is not far from his farm. He saw that the animals were in need of help and did not want them to continue to suffer. These are the types of efforts that are truly commendable. This man’s kind gesture is truly heartwarming.

In order to collect all of the necessary water to assist the animals, he rented out a water truck. From there, he set about the task of distributing the much needed hydration to all of the animals in the area who were starved for water. Patrick did not help the animals in hopes of receiving recognition. He stepped up to the plate because no one else would.

That is what true heroism is all about. Patrick was also willing to continue helping out. He did not drop off some water and go about his day. He returned each day and brought the animals thousands of gallons of water.

It takes hours of work each day but in his mind, it is well worth it. Once the animals started to recognize the truck, they would even greet him.

During one of his trips, he arrived on the scene and was greeted by hundreds of buffaloes. They could not wait for him to bring their water. The animals started drinking right on the spot.

A Go Fund Me was set up for Patrick and he now has his very own water truck. This allows him to help out the animals as often as possible and this is a task that he is happy to handle.

The level of commitment that he has shown is remarkable. There are not a lot of people out there who would be willing to do what he did. This man went the extra mile to make sure that the local wildlife would be able to survive during the drought season, even if it meant risking his own life.

Please be sure to share this man’s amazing story with all of your closest friends and loved ones.

h/t: Ladbible

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