Neglected Rescue Puppy Is Afraid To Be Touched Until She Gets Her First Belly Rub

Mina is a puppy who has not had an easy life. When dogs like her have a rough go of things, it makes them more reticent when it comes to trusting people. The first year of her life was spent living in a pound in the country of Romania.

The dog suffered from mange and she was also malnourished by the time she was found. Her bad experiences had also made her fearful of the human touch.

Catalin Stancu and Diana Badescu finally came across the dog in January. Howl of a Dog is the name of their rescue organization. They took one look at Mina and knew that they had to help her out.

While Mina knew that she was in a safe space, she was still frightened. Any time someone tried to touch her, she cowered in fear. Mina did not know how to trust yet.

Her rescuers worked hard to nurse her back to good health. Once the puppy was in a stable environment, she began to gain weight as well. The mange began to subside but she was still afraid of the human touch.

The volunteers were patient with her. They knew that she would need time to gain the necessary trust. She had been through too much during the course of her short life.

They would try to pet her but as soon as she would shake, they would give her the space that she needed. The volunteers did not want to force her into anything that she was not comfortable. It took about a week but they finally found a form of affection that Mina was into: belly rubs! After all, what dog could possibly resist a belly rub or two?

As it turns out, these belly rubs were just what the doctor ordered. Mina loved the attention and she slowly started to realize that all of these people loved her very much. They had her best interests at heart. Her new friends were not going to let any harm come her way. The sweet dog’s friendly side came out once she knew she was safe and sound.

She’s spent three months working with the good people at Howl of a Dog. Mina is finally turning the corner, becoming the dog that everyone always knew she could be. Her transformation is absolutely stunning. We cannot believe how far she has come. Please share this story with your friends and loved ones, so that Mina is able to find a forever home to call her own.

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