People Are Trying To Stop This Mother From Ever Naming Another Child

A new mother who is known for putting up ‘name boards’ and posting pictures online is now getting roasted. She takes those pictures prior to giving birth in order to choose names for her new children.

Most people live by the basic principle, live and let live and they typically would not get involved in somebody else’s personal affairs, especially something as personal as choosing a name. We all want something special for our children and we want something that will follow them for the rest of their lives in a remarkable way.

Even though we may have that understanding, we also realize that the wrong name can also have a similar but opposite effect. If the right name is chosen, we will love carrying it but if the wrong name is chosen, it is going to be the bane of our existence.

That being said, there are good names and bad names but some names are definitely worthy of being roasted.

What would you consider to be a ‘great’ name? I’m sure that we all have our own opinion and we are likely aware that Twitter would have an opinion as well. When this mother began posting the names of her children on Twitter, it seems as if it was too much for the social network to bear.

Let’s take a look at some of the potential names that she had for her firstborn: Taylee. McKarty. Nayvie. Maylee. Lakynn.

I’m sure that you realize, a person’s name is going to be picked on when they are in school and sometimes, even when they are older. I couldn’t imagine what these names would conjure up in the mind of a 10-year-old child.

That being said, even if you do have an unusual name, it may have some history attached to it that you will eventually come to appreciate. The names that she was choosing? Not so much…

For the mother in this picture, it wasn’t a matter of backing down when the roasting started, she decided to plant both of her feet and dig deep. She then posted another board with some perspective names for her second children.

For the second child, she didn’t go with something traditional but she decided on something that was a little more unconventional. They were: Taysom. Ollie. Grayson. Asher. Tatum.

The name that she ultimately chose was Tatum. I’m sure that most people would credit Channing for helping who make this choice but then again, she may have come up with it on her own. In any case, it probably brings up some unsavory images if you think back to at least one of his movies.

Perhaps we had an unusual name in mind when we thought about naming our children. We may have even joked about it with family and friends but in the end, they probably ended up with a name that was a little more benign.

Before long, other people begin blending standard names with those that were a little bit more on the edge.

She ended up taking it rather well. As it turns out, there were many other people with nontraditional names that were willing to jump in on the conversation.

At that point, a free-for-all ensued and people were getting a little bit off track with these suggestions.

People were going to have their opinions but in the end, it’s up to the parents to decide the name of the children. At least it makes for an interesting twitter discussion.

h/t: Distractify

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