Owner Catches Cable Technician Stealing Puppy, Then Uses The Security Footage To Get Him Back

We all have stressful situations in our life but sometimes, things get a little out of control. It’s always nice, however, when something can get resolved and we end up with a smile on our face.

Something similar to this recently happened to a woman named Melissa Cortez. She was under a lot of stress when her dog went missing.

The dog, whose name is Andrew was only a 10-month-old puppy when he vanished in late March. At first, she thought maybe he had run away but when she learned the truth, she was shocked to the core.

Melissa was able to get surveillance footage from a neighbor’s home. As it turns out, Andrew didn’t run away, he was stolen! The theft was not a random individual, it was a Spectrum cable company technician. On the video, you can see him leaving the van (which included the company logo), opening the fence, picking up Andrew and leaving the scene with the dog.

“He opens [the gate] oh so cautiously and just enough that he can pull Andrew out,” Melissa told Inside Edition. “Seeing that it was an employee usually people trust into their homes is infuriating.”

Spectrum was contacted directly by Melissa but nobody was willing to help. She then posted the footage online in a Tweet with the caption, “Spectrum, one of your drivers took my dog.”

After the footage went viral, Spectrum decided to get involved. It took less than a day for the security team of the company to return Melissa’s pug.

“I was beyond ecstatic to get him. So thankful,” she said.

Spectrum also confirmed that the employee was ‘terminated’. Melissa is going to seek criminal charges against the technician.

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