Bridesmaid Dresses for Dogs Exist Now And They’re So Pretty

This is one of the more stunning recent developments in the world of fashion but we are 100 percent here for it. These dresses are certainly going to add an interesting element to our wedding planning going forward. There are already so many decisions that need to be made before the big day can take place. Cakes, centerpieces, the choices are endless.

Now, those who are looking to include their pooches in the festivities are now able to select from a wide range of bridesmaid dresses. Instead of telling your dog that they cannot come because they do not have the proper attire, there are a number of dresses that can be provided. The excuses are over. Our animals are now going to be an integral part of the wedding party.

Deciding on the right dress for your dog is likely to be the hardest part of all. We all like to spend lots of time on Pinterest and now it is time to put these hours to good use. Even if you are not getting married anytime soon, it is still okay to browse. There is no such thing as being too prepared. This is a real trend and you need to get on board now.

It was once taboo to involve a pet in your wedding days. We are lucky to live in such an open minded time period. Some brides are even using their big day as a means of helping dogs find home. One group of bridesmaids made headlines when they involved a group of rescue dogs in the wedding, as a means of raising awareness and finding them homes.

There are no shortage of ways to incorporate dogs into our wedding days. Whether you are looking to find the perfect dress for your dog or you are using your wedding to raise awareness about the rescue dogs in your region, there are no shortage of dresses to choose from. The only limit is your own imagination, so get to browsing!

Be sure to pass this story along to your closest friends and loved ones, especially those who are in the midst of their own wedding planning. We cannot wait to see more pictures of dogs in dresses in the future. This is one trend that we are more than happy to cosign. Not to worry, there are doggy tuxedos available for those who are looking for something a bit more dapper!

You can get your dog one on Etsy

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