Owner Dragged Two Helpless Dogs To Shelter But Had No Clue That Someone Was Watching Them

Ann Flores is receiving a great deal of kudos for her recent actions and it is time that we tell her story. She resides in Houston and was forced to intervene when she saw some animals being treated poorly. Ann was at the Harris County Animal Shelter with a friend of hers, when she came across some dogs who were in serious need of her assistance.

She is someone who loves to stop by and spread good cheer to all of the shelter dogs on a regular basis. Ann saw that there were two dogs who were being treated ruthlessly by their soon to be former owner. The animals seemed to be dragged into the facility against their will. One of the dogs had tossed themselves down on the pavement, refusing to head inside.

“He laid on his back and just rolled over. It was like he was saying, ‘Please don’t take me in here.’”

“They were both pulling, but the dogs wouldn’t budge. They had to pick them up because they just would not move. They would not walk in there.”

“They didn’t care. They were just laughing and giggling because the dogs wouldn’t move. To them, it was just like throwing trash away. There was no remorse, nothing. I was really, really angry, and I could feel my blood pressure rise. Why get an animal if you’re not going to keep it and do this to them? It’s not fair,” Flores vented to The Dodo.

This is the sort of cruelty that dogs are subjected to when their owners no longer want them. You would think that this woman would have felt at least a little remorse in this situation but of course not.

These sorts of people simply want to ditch their responsibilities and they do not care who they hurt in the process. That’s where people like Ann come into play.

They are willing to step up to the plate when so many others will not. Ann’s blood began to boil as she watched the cruel treatment of the dogs. She could not believe that the women who were abandoning them could be so callous. The dogs were begging not to go and this meant absolutely nothing to them. It was easy for them to let the dogs go.

“Why get an animal if you’re not going to keep it and do this to them?”, asks Ann. We are right there with her on this one, for sure. People need to stop bringing home animals if they are not going to be willing to do what is right. After all, pets deserve better than being carelessly cast aside as soon as it is no longer convenient to have them around.

Ann shared the info with Harris County Animal Volunteers, who posted about the dogs on social media. From there, Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue offered boarding. We are proud to report that both of these dogs have since found forever homes with families that are willing to care for them. Please share this amazing story with all of the animal lovers in your life as soon as possible!


3/19 PM- We are absolutely thrilled to say Truman and his siter have left the building with Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue! 3/19 AM- Truman is still there and alive. We have a rescue willing to save him and a *potential* foster. The foster isn’t approved yet and the rescue hold isn’t confirmed, but things are looking good. Stay tuned and we will update as soon as we have news!I was brought here with my sister. She is injured, and somehow got another day to be saved. I didn’t get so lucky though. I am scheduled to be put to sleep at 7am Monday without a miracle. You don’t have to save me, but can you please save my sister? Neither of us will make it out of here alive without you.We are calling this sweet boy Truman, which means loyal. He deserves a chance to live.To save Truman, we need a rescue to email the shelter TONIGHT. For a rescue to help, they will need a committed local foster, and funds for vetting. Truman is heartwrom positive, so treating that alone will cost upwards of $400, not to mention basic vetting. The more we raise, the better.As always if you donate, 100% goes directly to the rescue that saves Truman. If he isn’t saved for ANY REASON your donation is REFUNDED IN FULL! Just say it is for Truman while checking out!Paypal.me/pupitforwardIf you are local and can open your home to this sweetie until he finds his forever home, comment below and a volunteer will be in touch.http://petharbor.com/pet.asp?uaid=HRRS.A504454A504454Harris County Animal Shelter612 Canino Rd. Houston, TX 77076281-999-3191

Posted by Houston & Harris County Animal Volunteers on Sunday, March 18, 2018

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