Man Sees Stray Dog Carrying Bowl Of Food And Decides To Follow Her

In most instances, a stray dog is here one moment and gone the next. We see them on a regular basis but we do not always stop to consider the hardships that they face. While it is nice to offer these animals some food when we pass by, their lives are full of issues that we known nothing about. That’s what makes the actions of this man so special.

He is not like all of the others. Yusuf Kılıçsarı resides in Turkey and he recently posted video of one of his latest animal rescue encounters. Yusuf saw a stray dog wandering the street and she even had a food dish in her mouth at the time. He did not know where she was going but he was bound and determined to find out. Yusuf followed behind her as closely as he could.

The clip that ensued is one of the most adorable things that we have ever seen. It provides each of us with a glimpse into the daily life of a stray animal. These animals are forced to wander the streets with no shelter to speak, relying on the kindness of strangers when it is time for a meal. You won’t believe the objective of this dog’s mission.

You will simply have to see it for yourself. One thing is for sure: we are glad that Yusuf took the time to follow this animal. This dog was not looking after herself, she was heading back to the area where her puppies were stashed. What a selfless mother she is. Yusuf has not offered any additional commentary on this clip and we suspect that is for the best.

We would not want anyone to spoil the rest of the story for us. Hopefully, she was able to find food for her little ones. Perhaps Yusuf provided the family with some extra help and he does not want anyone to know? Either way, this story provides a great deal of insight into the daily existence of a single dog mother who is homeless.

Stories like these are a true testament to the love of a mother. This is one parent who is not going to let anything happen to her babies, no matter what. With any luck, this story will continue to travel and the family will be given the chance to reside in a forever home soon. Please share this story, so that awareness can be raised when it comes to the plight of these dogs.

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