Britain’s Loneliest Dog Has Spent 500 Days At A Rescue Centre

Stories like these definitely give us a bad case of the sads. No living creature ever deserves to be lonely. That is what makes this story such a tough one to see. Poor Hector has claimed a rather dubious distinction for himself. He was recently named as the loneliest dog in all of Great Britain. The reason for this distinction will break your heart.

He’s been living at a local animal shelter for 500 days now. He’s been residing here since October of 2017. The Little Valley Animal Shelter is located in Devon. Despite all of their best efforts, they still have to find a home for this adorable little fellow. He even has his own online fan club. What he would prefer is a great forever home to call his own.

In the meantime, he is trying his absolute best to make better of things. The shelter workers say that he is a friendly dog. He is always smiling. In fact, his smile is said to be so infectious, others cannot help but smile when they see him. They do not understand why visitors are constantly overlooking a sweet dog like their pal Hector.

There does not seem to be anything visibly wrong with the pup. He’s an active dog who loves to spend time with people. Those who are looking for a dog that can accompany them on their various adventures would do well to consider the benefits of taking him home. He loves to head to the beach and this good boy has also learned how to swim.

He is best suited for a home where he is the only pet. Anyone who can provide assistance for Hector is being urged to contact this shelter immediately. There is no reason for this dog to be struggling in such a way. He is too kind and too fun to be with to be confined to a shelter. We hope that this story finds the right person who is willing to step up to the plate.

After all, no animal deserves to spend their entire life living in a shelter. While the shelter workers were initially confident in his ability to locate a forever home, they are finding themselves wondering about this long term prognosis. He will reside at this location for as long as he needs to but a forever home would certainly be best!

Anyone able to offer the two-year-old a home should contact Little Valley on 01392 439898.

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