There’s A Tropical Island Where You Can Adopt A Puppy To Cuddle With On The Beach All Day

Turks and Caicos is a popular destination for those who are looking to enjoy the Caribbean region. While this island is already a hot spot for tourists, they are providing even more motivation for animal lovers to head down as soon as possible. They allow visitors to spend their days with shelter dogs that find themselves in need of some tender, loving care.

That’s right, Potcake Place is offering visitors the chance to roll around in the sand with some deserving puppies. Those who visit Providenciales (an island located within the Turks and Caicos archipelago) can spend time with local strays. There are at least 50 dogs present at this location in most instances and visitors can choose an animal to spend time with each day.

These dogs are given the chance to enjoy some much-needed socialization. Humans are provided with the opportunity to frolic with dogs on the beach. Seems like a true win/win type of deal to us! The name “potcake” comes from a mixed breed that is well known within the region. These dogs are a mixture between Fox Terrier, Labrador and German Shepherd.

Those who happen to fall in love with the dogs that they spend time with will even have the chance to take one home. Potcake Place is more than happy to assist visitors who are looking to bring one of the pooches back home with them. International adoptions are the name of the game here. Visitors can also enjoy a meet and greet.

This allows visitors to learn more about the dogs that are available and which of these animals best aligns with their personal needs. Food and necessities for the dog are given to visitors. The adoptions are provided free of charge because this is a non-profit organization. However, the good folks at Potcake Place can always use donations.

That is why we are urging readers to share this awesome story with their friends and loved ones. A potential parent must be 25 years of age and willing to answer the questions that are going to be asked of them. Those who are looking to plan their next dream vacation would do well to consider this location. We are in the process of looking up flight prices on Google as we speak! Want to learn more about this unique initiative? Take a moment to check out the video below.

Puppy Island

This Caribbean island is full of adoptable puppies:

Posted by Thrillist on Sunday, July 16, 2017

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