Dad Asks 7-Year-Old To Be His ‘Best Man’ Not Knowing He’d Bring Audience To Tears

One of the most crucial members of a wedding party is the best man. They are responsible for so much and only the maid of honor holds the same level of importance. In most instances, a bride and groom would pick their siblings for these roles. In other cases, they may decide to lean on their closest friends instead. These people have a series of duties that need to be taken care of.

That is what makes this man’s choice of best man such a shocking one. A best man is supposed to be able to handle all of the errands that are associated with this role. They play a key role in the decision making and in some cases, they will even plan a totally awesome bachelor party. It is safe to say that none of the rules applied to the best man in this story.

Nick decided that his little boy was the best one for the job. Little Vincent certainly relished having the chance to be the best man, as well. While we are going to go out on a huge limb and say that he probably wasn’t involved in the planning process for the bachelor party, he appears to have written his very own speech. It is a tearjerker.

Little kids have a way of cutting through all of the nonsense and getting straight to the truth, don’t they? The best part of all was that he did not seem to be even a little nervous about the prospect of giving this speech. You would think that he’s been the best man several times before. We just love his choice in formal wear, too.

We do not wish to spoil the contents of this young man’s speech but suffice to say, it is one for the ages. He’s come up with the perfect analogy for his father’s wedding. He views him and his dad as a team of superheroes and his new wife is simply going to join their squad. Those who were expecting jealousy or silliness had better look elsewhere.

By the time you get done watching this speech, you may be struggling to keep your eyes dry. Be sure to have some Kleenex at the ready for this one, if you know what is good for you. We are jealous of all these people that had the chance to see the speech live. Please pass this touching clip along!

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