Burly Man Dons Pink Frilly Tutu To Cheer Up His Wife During Cancer Treatments

The sight of a grown man in a tutu may be startling to some but we assure you, Bob Carey had the best of intentions when he donned his. The burly man is probably not among the first choice of people who should be wearing one but his reasoning is too cute. His wife Linda was recently diagnosed with cancer and he wanted to make her life better while she was fighting the disease.

There are not many husbands out there who would do what Bob did. We commend for his willingness to accept a little playful ribbing to make his wife’s days a bit brighter. He is a photographer by trade and this gave him a bit of an advantage. He knew just how to make his wife smile plus he had years of experience when it came to brightening the days of others.

In addition to putting on a tutu, he also decided to take everything else off. This only made for a more absurd scene as he pranced through the streets. Can you imagine how hard you would have laughed if you had saw this in person? The photo series that he created made his wife Linda feel much better during the breast cancer treatment progress.

When our loved ones are fighting diseases of this magnitude, they need to know that we have their backs. Bob took several photos of himself in the tutu so that the set would never feel too stale. Wherever he went, the tutu came with him and the photo opportunities were plentiful. If you can look at these photos without laughing, you might be dead inside.

All jokes aside, this is one of the sweetest things that we have ever seen. There are not a lot of men who would debase themselves like this just to make sure that their wives enjoy a good laugh. Linda would bring the pictures of her husband into treatment to share with others as well. This is one woman who is not stingy when it comes time to share the laughs.

Let that be a lesson to the rest of you. Be sure to share this hilarious story with your friends and loved ones. Bob has now started The Tutu Project to raise money for cancer research. Now that others are taking their own tutu pictures, it is time for you to check out the video below so that you can learn more about this awesome initiative.

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