No One Would Adopt This Dog With An Unusual Smile, But Then The Perfect Person Came Along

Clefford is one of the sweetest pups that you are ever going to meet. No, we did not spell his name wrong. He got his moniker because of his cleft palate! This has also caused the dog to develop a crooked smile. The poor dog would need surgery to fix the issue, though. He could not enjoy a meal without experiencing a great deal of pain. His original family could not help him, though.

They were homeless and the money that it would cost to repair the issue was not readily accessible. Once they came to this realization, they gave the dog away. Boston’s Angell Animal Medical Center would now be responsible for his care. He is an easygoing dog and he got used to life at the shelter pretty quickly. He made fast friends with the staff members, who took to him with ease.

There was just one problem. His cleft palate made it so that no one wanted to adopt him. They knew that he was a nice boy but they did not want to deal with these sorts of difficulties. He loved to say hello to all of the visitors, yet none of them wanted to take Clefford home with them. He was left waiting at the shelter for several months and did not know if there was a forever home out there for him.

Will Stoltenberg is a volunteer at the shelter. He ended up developing a close relationship with the pup. When no one was willing to step up and provide a forever home for the dog, Will elected to offer him a home. What a kind and selfless gesture. The paperwork was completed and the two best buds were able to head home with smiles on their faces.

At first, Clefford was rather timid. Will understood where the dog was coming from. He was sure to take his time. His patience paid off and the dog was soon able to overcome all of these fears. Clefford loves long walks, has become friends with other dogs and loves nothing more than cuddling with his dad. His playful nature has made him an instant hit with everyone he meets.

And to think, this happy ending never would have taken place if not for the thoughtfulness of Will. Clefford has now gotten the surgeries he needs and while his smile is still a bit crooked, this is just part of his charm! If you would like to see more from our pal Clefford, be sure to go ahead and check out his Instagram page today!

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