Dog Who Spent 5 Years Chained Up Can’t Contain His Excitement When He Sees Ocean For First Time

Herschel is a dog who had a very difficult life. The German shepherd spent several years in chains. By the time the rescuers were able to remove him from the horrible situation he was living in, his teeth were severely damaged. Poor Herschel had become so desperate for freedom that he had damaged his chompers by trying to chew through the chain that held him captive.

His owner eventually decided to do right by him and gave him up. He was surrendered to Michelson Found Animals and they provided him with all of the medical care that he was not receiving at his past home. Over the course of the following months, the dog was adopted numerous times. However, he was returned after each stint because of his inability to adjust to new environments.

Dog’s Day Out decided to give Herschel a try. The organization focuses on dogs that have had a particularly tough existence and tries to show them a better life. Rocky Kanaka is the host and he was more than happy to help. The program is designed to give dogs a taste of the good life when they have been horribly mistreated by their past owners.

Rocky decided that he was going to take Herschel to see the freshly fallen snow. Can you believe that this sweet boy had never actually been? He also had the chance to enjoy some delicious treats. Rocky gave him a special doggy cupcake and of course, Herschel loved every second of it. Now, he has a forever home to call his own.

German Shepherds First Run At The Beach

BAEwatch Alert! ????Bae as in Teddy "Bear" Herschel of course. ????????????I mean look at this guy run. A natural and he even looks right into the camera as we pass by. In all seriousness, it is really exciting to find something this guy is really good at. He needs socialization work and leash training but as soon as we start running he is so happy and everything falls into place.This is likely the first run he has ever had at the beach and it fills my heart with joy. I can't wait until his Dog's Day Out this Friday. #DogsDayOut Found Animals Foundation

Posted by Rocky Kanaka on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

One special viewer of this program saw Herschel and fell in love. She took him home and he now gets to live in Los Angeles. Rocky decided to take him to his new owner. This gave them the chance to enjoy an awesome trip together. Herschel had never been to the beach before, either. This was something that Rocky was determined to fix before it was too late.

This clip shows viewers at home just how happy Herschel was. The poor pup had spent so much of his life locked away from the world at large. Thankfully, some good people have come into his existence and broadened his horizons. We hope that he is enjoying his new life in California and is spending lots and lots of time at the many local beaches!

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