These Giant Fluffy Dogs Couldn’t Find A Home Because No One Wanted All Three

An Edmonton animal shelter recently enjoyed a major new arrival. Over 300 pounds of Saint Bernard fun had come waddling through their doors. These three brothers made an amazing first impression and the staff took to the big babies immediately. Gasket, Goliath and Gunther are supersized dogs and everything that they do comes across as being larger than life.

The dogs are so large, the shelter had to make special arrangements on their behalf. The brothers want to be with each other at all times and this can make things challenging. They were forced to close an entire ward down so that they could make space for the big boys. Of course, this does not matter to them. The brothers are very pleased with the arrangement and are enjoying their stay.

The shelter tried to separate the animals for a behavioral analysis report. Of course, the dogs did not do well with that. All they did was show signs of distress and indicate that they wanted to be back together. The dogs need a forever home but it is going to take a very special person to assist them. They cannot be split up and the shelter is not even interested in trying.

They are happy animals who love to socialize and cuddle. Their size might frighten some but they are the most gentle of giants. The staff shared the dogs’ story on Facebook and they received an outpouring of support. Over 200 e-mails have been sent by those who are looking to adopt these three brothers. The shelter is confident in their ability to find a proper home for the boys before too long.

The team wants to take their time and get this decision right. The brothers deserve all of the best and they want to make sure that they are providing it for them. Families are being urged to take all factors into consideration before taking on these dogs. They are going to require a great deal of money and they will also require a sizable amount of patience.

It is not a decision that anyone should be rushing into. The Edmonton Humane Society welcomes your e-mails and phone calls and if you would like to learn more about these dogs, be sure to contact them immediately. If you do not live in Canada, take a closer look at the shelters in your area. There are animals there who will need a home as well.

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