Two Abandoned Dogs In Sewer Cry For Help Until Some Kids Hear Them

When dogs are abandoned in major American cities, they are not always given much of a chance for survival. After all, how many people are really going to take time out of their busy day to assist some animals? Anyone who has ever spent time in a larger city can attest to this. Everyone has their heads down and is only paying attention to their smartphone.

That makes it tough for dogs to get the help that they need. Take these two little fellows, for instance. They were dumped in a Los Angeles sewer and essentially left for dead. Their cries for help continued to fall on deaf ears as well. Fortunately, some truly good people came along and decided to assist these dogs before it was too late for them to have a second chance.

All animals deserve to have the chance to live a life devoid of sewer dwelling and we cannot believe that these two were left alone for so long. Their cries for help were heard by some local children who decided to intervene. Isaac and Citlaly are the children who found them and they went above and beyond to make sure that the dogs were going to be okay.

They contacted Hope For Paws for additional assistance. They even stayed by the dogs’ side until help arrived. Eldad and Loreta are known to most as the leaders of this organization but they are not afraid to get their hands dirty. The kids stayed close by and once the grownups arrived, the group put together one of the most amazing rescue missions that you will ever see.

We do not wish to spoil what took place here and we urge you to take the time to check out this awesome clip for yourself. Kudos to these kids for being willing to help these dogs during their darkest hour. While many adults would have just assumed that someone else was taking care of it, these kids were not about to fall into that trap.

Please share this story so that awareness can be raised about all of the great work that Eldad and Loreta are doing at Hope For Paws. If not for their efforts, there are a wide range of dogs out there who would simply never be able to find the awesome forever homes that they are truly destined for.

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