Burned Dog Reunites With Vet Who Saved His Life And His Reaction Has Us Tearing Up

There are many who allow themselves to believe that dogs do not remember specific people that they met throughout the course of their lives. Of course, those who know dogs best are well aware of how false this statement is. Dogs have the capacity to remember and it is only matched by their capacity for love. Even dogs who have seen the worst of the world maintain this ability.

Back in March, West Palm Beach Fire and Rescue was summoned to assist a local homeless camp. A fire had broken out at this location. Gregg Gordon is the team captain and they were shocked by what they found upon arrival. There was a tiny dog tied to a tree! How could someone behave in such an abominable way? This animal had done nothing wrong and did not deserve this cruel treatment.

The poor animal was suffering tremendously. By the time Gregg and the rest of the team arrived, the dog’s body was covered in burns. Marcos Orozca was sure to cut the dog loose and ensure that he did not burn to death. The firefighters were not sure if he would be able to make it, though. He had been through a lot. The wounds were clearly painful and the dog was in absolute agony.

“The little guy was burned up pretty good,” says Gregg. The dog was clearly distrustful as well. It must have been hard for him to believe the best about humans after what he had been through.

The firefighters decided to bring the animal to Peggy Adams Animal Rescue Center. Hopefully, their team of vets would be able to address the dog’s burns and help before it was too late.

The dog has since been renamed Smokey. The vets knew that this dog would have a long, tough road if he was going to survive. Jupiter Pet Emergency & Specialty Center’s burn specialists were enlisted immediately. Dr. Federico Latimer assisted Smokey throughout the process. They formed a close connection with one another. Gregg fostered the dog once he was well home to head home.

Eventually, it was time for the dog to return to Dr. Latimer for a much needed checkup. The dog’s reaction was absolutely priceless. He knew how hard these people had worked to help him out and he was beyond appreciative.

He learned that there are a wide range of wonderful humans out there. If you would like to see his reaction to seeing his rescuers again for yourself, please be sure to check out the awesome video below.

h/t: InspireMore

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