Guy Walks Outside And Finds An Entire Family Of Bears In His Car

Just imagine what it would be like to be on vacation, only to have wild animals make off with your car. What would you do? It would be a hard story to tell your friends and loved ones, that is for sure. Just imagine the annoyance of trying to file a police officer. “Sure, sir, the bears stole your car. We’re sending squad cars right now and we will get right on that.”

However, that is exactly what this family nearly experienced. Chad Morris had gone with his family down to Gatlinburg, Tennessee to spend some time in a cabin out in the woods. All of a sudden, he heard his parents yelling. They needed him to come outside right away. Once he made his way outside, he was unable to believe his own eyes.

A whole family of bears had congregated in the driveway and were clearly attempting to steal their car. Chad saw them heading towards his car and when he first came outside, three cubs decided to hop in. Mother bear was not far away, either. She was clearly enjoying watching the kids help themselves to Chad’s car, though. We cannot stop laughing ourselves.

Seeing three bear cubs playing inside of your car must be a very helpless feeling. It is not as if you can tap them on the shoulder and ask them to vacate. The bears noticed that Chad and his parents were watching. They did not seem to care very much. Even when the family started to take pictures of what was taking place, the bears kept their eye on the prize.

The bear cubs eventually realized that they could not actually drive the car. They finished their explorations and were ready to leave. The cubs climbed out of that car and even tried to swipe another one. These carjackers knew no bounds! After a few more minutes of waiting, the bears headed back into the woods and they would have quite the story to tell the others.

Stunningly, the car did not experience very much damage. You would think that the car would have been ruined but the bear cubs were shockingly considerate. The car is perfectly okay, minus a few scratches and bite marks. Chad is grateful and realizes that it could have been much worse. If you loved this story as much as we did, please be sure to share it with your closest friends and loved ones.

h/t: TheDodo

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