Bus Driver Sees How Kids Treat Disabled Boy On Bus – Writes Note To Parents That’s Going Viral

Children do not always have the best sense of knowing when not to speak up about differences that they notice. We have all experienced that mortifying moment when a child decides to ruthlessly point out one of our flaws. This makes growing up difficult for some kids. Smaller children simply do not have a filter and they do not possess the ability to self edit.

This is where parents come into play. They need to teach their little ones the right ways to behave so that they are not tearing down their fellow schoolmates. One bus driver by the name of Cindy saw two young children behaving in a manner that was so far outside of the usual norm, she felt compelled to talk about it. The way that these children behaved was well worth taking the time to discuss.

A boy with a disability was riding the bus and while many children would have probably made fun of him, these kids would do no such thing. They treated him with the respect and dignity that he deserves. They sit with him, assist him in getting on and off the bus and do all that they can to make his life better. Cindy wanted their parents to know what a great job they had done.

Jorge and Annaliese are the brother and sister who went out of their way to assist the disabled boy. Cindy wrote their parents a letter and sent it home. She also decided to share it on Facebook by posting it on the Love What Matters page. This gives readers the chance to see these beautiful words for themselves. We are glad to see that some kids are still being raised right in this world.

It certainly had to make these parents proud to find out that their lessons were being applied in real life. While most parents try their best to impart these sorts of lessons, they do not always get through. Kids have a tendency of nodding along and acting like they understand, only to change their minds. It can be tough to go against the crowd when you are young and looking to fit in.

Children still need to be raised correctly and this story proves that all of the concerns about “kids these days” are wildly overblown. Those of us who have small children in their lives will definitely want to take heed of this story.

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