Woman claims that her dog is vegetarian on live TV and people are conflicted

Humans tend to believe that we are different from the animals that we adopt for a number of reasons. For starters, we are able to make decisions that are a bit more complex than our animal friends. Many humans have been making the change to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle in recent years. You probably have a friend or loved ones who extols the virtues of such a change.

However, there are a number of animals who have the ability to plan ahead and make complex decisions. These animals are capable of a certain level of rationalizing and we applaud them. Humans, on the other hand, tend to pride themselves on their ability to engage in critical thinking and go against their instincts as a way of enhancing the greater good.

That is what makes this story such an interesting one. A woman claimed that she had a dog that was choosing to live a vegetarian lifestyle. While there are many who would immediately call shenanigans on this outlandish claim, this woman decided that she would bring her dog on television so that this claim could be proven publicly.

This Morning is a talk show on ITV and this is where she elected to bring the dog in order to prove her point to the world. Storm the dog was not into eating meat anymore and she fully believes that this is a choice the dog has made for himself. To make the story a bit more believable, she is not even a vegetarian herself and it is not a lifestyle that she forced on the animal.

Now that they were on stage, it was time for the moment of truth. All of the viewers were surely expecting the dog to lose its mind when meaty dog food was being offered. We know that we definitely fall into this group. As soon as the meaty treat was placed in front of Storm, the dog went for it right away. God bless this woman’s heart for not losing her temper right then and there.

She did seem somewhat put out when the hosts had a few chuckles at her expense, though. Of course, Twitter wasted no time at all getting their chuckles in. Please be sure to remember that dogs have a natural preference for eating meat. Do not deprive the animal of their favorites just to prove a point. Otherwise, you may end up like this woman!

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