Butterfly Lands On Baby’s Head And Opens Into A Magical ‘Hat’

It is important to ensure our children get as much nature as possible while they are young. It allows them to connect with the world around them and to grow up to be caring individuals when it comes to environmental concerns.

Recently, a family had quite a surprise at the San Diego Zoo. Perhaps the most interesting part is that the baby had no idea what was happening.

A beautiful butterfly had flown over and landed on the baby’s forehead. It remained in position for a few seconds and it seemed as if the baby didn’t realize it.

The father tried to get the baby’s attention but she just looked in his direction. There was another child in the area trying to make her smile but she just continued to stare as if nothing was going on.

Eventually, the butterfly opened its wings and exposed a beautiful, iridescent blue pattern. It was so beautiful that you might even think it was fake if it weren’t in a video.

The butterfly seemed to have some type of attraction to the baby. Even when she would look down, the butterfly would just climb higher onto her head.

Blue Morpho Butterflies are among some of the biggest butterflies with a wingspan that can be up to 8 inches. The microscopic cells on their wings reflect an iridescent blue that grabs your attention.

They are so revered by some tribes of the Amazon that it is thought that they grant wishes. Ceremonial masks will sometimes be made from the wings of this butterfly.

Something else that you might appreciate about this butterfly is that it seems to be indestructible. They eat harmful plants when they are a caterpillar and it offers some degree of protection. This natural defense mechanism may make them toxic to birds that would eat them.

They also camouflage themselves quite nicely because underneath their wings, it is dark and it blends in nicely.

You can see this beautiful butterfly on top of the baby’s head in this amazing video:

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