98-year-old mom moves into senior care home to take care of her 80-year-old son

It does not matter how old we get. Our mothers are always going to look at us like we are their babies. It is a mentality that no mother is ever able to outgrow and for good reason. Ada Keating might be 98 years old but her 80 year old son needed her help. This story goes to show just how boundless a mother’s love can be and how hard it can be to let go.

Her son Tom just might be the biggest mama’s boy of all time. He is not ashamed of such a title, though. He loves his mother and truly appreciates all of the assistance that she provides. He’s always been close to his mother and he has never gotten married. Tom’s spent much of his life living with Ada as well. The painter/decorator has lived a very full existence.

When he finally found himself in need of additional care, he moved into a nursing home called Moss View. Since Ada is a former nurse, she would stop by every so often to provide him with the tender, loving care he needed. The visits did not fill the void that existed in Ada’s heart, however. She missed living with Tom and wanted to remedy this issue.

She elected to move into Moss View and spend her final days alongside Tom. Now, the two are able to spend almost every waking moment together. They hang out from sunup to sundown. She comes to tell her son good morning each day and hers is the last voice that he hears before going to bed each night. If she leaves to head to the hairdressers’, Tom will roam the halls looking for her.

In Ada’s words, you never stop being a mother. Tom is happy to have her by his side and is thrilled that she moved in with him. Their extended family is also pleased with the arrangement. They know just how close these two are with one another. It is rare to see a mother and son living in an assisted care facility. Moss View workers have never seen anything quite like it.

Their needs are being taken care of here. The two remain inseparable and they would never have it any other way. Ada was a nurse by trade and it is easy to see why she has such a giving nature. Check out the awesome clips to learn more about this winning pair.

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