People Come From All Around To Give Sick Puppy With Months To Live Hundreds Of Hugs

When dogs fall ill, our hearts go out to them. These animals love to care for us when we are sick and they ask for so little in return. Little Logan never even had the chance to light up the lives of others. He was taken to a local shelter when he was just a puppy. Sadly, the rescue would soon realize that he needed a great deal of help.

The pup was experiencing heart related difficulties. Before long, it was discovered that the dog was experiencing a severe defect. He had a heart condition that he was simply not equipped to deal with. Since the German shepherd needed more help than the facility was equipped to provide, it was time to ship the dog to a rescue that could assist him. Enter the good folks at Rescued Hearts Northwest.

The dog was given the necessary exams and tests. Unfortunately, these tests only served to confirm the first diagnosis that was given. The doctors believed that Logan only had a little bit of time left. There was nothing that could be done to help him at this point. Logan’s new pals decided that they would do their best to help him remain positive during his final days.

He got the chance to live in a foster home. Lindie Saenz took him in and she says that her children took to the pup immediately. All they wanted to do was make sure that his final days were filled with as much happiness as possible. He remained playful and spunky, despite all of the issues that he was experiencing from a medical standpoint.

The kids told their mother that they wanted to take Logan to as many places as they could. Of course, she was more than happy to oblige them. Logan enjoyed each outing and loved having the chance to meet new people. They were more than happy to spend time with him as well. The puppy was as social as he could be. The family’s mission was an adorable one.

They wanted Logan to get 100 hugs from various people before it was time for him to move onto a better place. Hugs for Logan is the event that they set up. As you can imagine, they were beyond excited when they realized that over 200 people had showed up for his special day. Logan is now looking for new surgeries that will allow to beat his condition and continue to spread love. We are definitely rooting for you, little buddy!

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