Cadbury Is Offering Chocoholics $14 An Hour To Taste Chocolate

If you are anything like us, you could probably eat Cadbury cream eggs all day long. There is just something about that filling that keeps us coming back again and again. This story is geared towards the people who are tired of working to survive. As the old saying goes, the person who finds a job that they love to is never forced to work a day in their life.

Professional chocolate tester sounds like the type of dream job that a child would make up. Little did we know that this was a viable option the whole time. If we had known this, our conversations with our high school guidance counselor would have gone a tad bit differently. Mondel─ôz International is the owner of this chocolate manufacturer.

They are responsible for providing an outline to job seekers. There are certain responsibilities that need to be taken care of. It is not just fun and games. At the current moment, the company is looking to add four employees to their “taste team”. So why is Cadbury looking for new talent all of a sudden? The reason just might surprise some readers.

The company is preparing to roll out a new product. While there are scant details about this roll out, we are happy to inform readers that they do not need to be experts in order to send in their application. All qualified candidates are given the training that they need. In order to qualify, a candidate needs to have a strong passion for confectionery treats.

They will also need the right taste buds for the task. Honest opinions, an eagerness to try new things. English needs to be your first language and strong communicative skills are required. This is the perfect job for those who consider themselves to be opinionated chocolate lovers. Those who have allergies should not be applying for this gig, though.

Dairy, nuts and gluten are included in the tastings. If the candidate is allergic to any of the three, they are unable to receive consideration. This is a part time job, so there is no reason to fear sickness. There is one catch, however. Those who are chosen for the job are going to have to relocate to England. In our humble opinion, this is a small price to pay for such an awesome gig. Please pass this opportunity along to your friends and loved ones.

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