Disabled Duck Learns To Walk After Getting His Own Special Wheelchair

While most of us would probably never decide to keep a duck as a pet, those of us who are a bit more open minded will definitely relate to this story. Merlin is a special duck with a special story. This is one of the most adorable stories that we have ever seen and it is our pleasure to share it with the rest of the world. For starters, Merlin is what is known as a domestic duck.

He is able to live among people and his family loves him dearly. The Goats of Anarchy sanctuary has become his extended family (we love the name, by the way). When he first arrived on the premises, he was not able to walk as easily as the other ducks. They put Merlin in contact with the good folks at Walkin’ Pets, so that they could give him the help he needed.

This business gets to have a lot of fun. It is their job to construct wheelchairs for animals like Merlin, who cannot walk on their own. We cannot imagine all of the fun that they get to have. The New Hampshire knew that they needed to get Merlin back on his feet and they were more than happy to help. They started the project by using one of the wheelchairs that is made for dogs and cats.

From there, a few simple modifications would need to be made, so that Merlin could get the most out of his new ride. The necessary tweaks took place and Merlin was given the chance to enjoy his new wheelchair. This is the first time that the company has ever decided to assist a handicapped duck. If we are lucky, it will not be their last!

This is one of the most adorable things that we have ever seen. We cannot get enough of Merlin and his awesome new chair. Mikayla Feehan is one of the social media coordinators for Walkin’ Pets. She was on hand to capture the duck’s first “steps”. We are glad that she did. We cannot stop watching this clip of Merlin getting used to his new setup.

If you loved this clip as much as we did, you will definitely want to share it with your closest friends and loved ones. The idea of a duck in a wheelchair may seem absurd to some but for a domestic duck like Merlin? This chair is an absolute godsend.

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