You can now buy dog leggings to keep your pet warm this winter

Certain trends are so powerful, they cannot be contained. For example, those who are in the athletic leisure wear trend will want to know about the advent of…dog leggings? You read that correctly. Walkee Paws is here to help your pup to stay warm this holiday season. While this idea may seem ridiculous to some, these leggings have more usage than you may realize.

The dog will get to look cute and stay warm at the same time. This is a little something that we like to call a win/win. When dogs are taken out for walks during the winter, they do not always enjoy walking on the cold, wet ground. Who would? These leggings come with rubber booties that are designed to keep the feet nice and warm at all times.

The practicality of these leggings is off the charts. Now, dogs can remain protected from cold weather conditions and these leggings are able to be worn in the summer as well. This ensures that your dog is not forced to walk around on hot asphalt once the weather turns. The dog’s legs are also kept free of germs and dirt. Pet parents everywhere are going to be rejoicing.

The dog remains safe, without any restriction of movement. The leggings are also designed to keep all of the dirt and debris outdoors. Pet parents do not have to worry about their fur baby tracking in all sorts of mud and muck. There are also dog onesies available and we are definitely going to be in the market for one of these bad boys.

Lisa Baronoff is responsible for these leggings. As someone who already had experience when it came to marketing pantyhose and toys, it did not take her long to come up with this awesome solution. In order to come up with an initial prototype, she used pantyhose on her own dog. After a great deal of trial and error, Walkee Paws was finally born.

There are three different sizes available and finding the right leggings for your pooch’s sensibilities has never been easier. The leggings can be purchased at a very sensible price and you will notice cleaner paws after each walk. These leggings also make for a picture-perfect Christmas gift for all of the pet owners in your life. Be sure to pass this awesome story along as soon as possible!

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