Cat Was Cruelly Attacked With Acid But When You See Him Today, Your Heart Will Melt

The cruelty that people show to animals is absolutely mind boggling. We do not know how people can treat animals with such callous disregard and these stories make us absolutely sick to our stomachs. Tommy was living the life of any other stray cat when sadistic humans decided that they were going to torment him. Things were never quite the same after that.

He went from living a relatively carefree life and getting meals from a local family to fighting for his existence. The same family that was feeding him is the same family who found him after this vicious and unprovoked attack took place. When the family found Tommy, someone or someone(s) had just thrown a bunch of acid on him. To make matters worse, they simply left the suffering cat to die.

At this time, they took Tommy to the vet’s to see if they could help him. Fortunately, they had found him soon enough. While he was in a great deal of pain, the recovery process could now begin. The family did not want to place Tommy back into the wild where he could get hurt again. They reached out to a place named Milo’s Sanctuary and they were willing to help.

It took a lot of skin grafts and some antibiotics but Tommy started to round back into form before too long. Tommy would have been excused by being mean or standoffish towards humans when this incident took place. The most amazing thing about this cat might be his pleasant demeanor. Despite everything that he has been through, he is still a happy kitty.

While he might look a bit different from the average cat now, that has not stopped Tommy from being a beacon of sunshine to everyone that he meets. Having humans in his life that care about him and love him makes a major difference. He will reside at Milo’s Sanctuary on a permanent basis and we are glad that this story has a happy ending.

He’s head over heels in love with tuna flakes and does not hesitate to beg. Tommy loves all of his visitors as well. An Instagram page has been created in his honor so that awareness can be raised about animal cruelty. Please take a moment to share Tommy’s amazing story with all of the animal lovers in your life. If you would like to help other animals like Tommy, be sure to contact Milo’s Sanctuary to find out more.

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