Cat Doesn’t Understand That This Fun New Toy Isn’t For Her

Bell was a street cat until her new family finally decided to step in. They took her in when she was just a baby. While she was diagnosed with cat flu and had to battle a bad case of fleas, it did not take her long to bounce back. Her new family loves her very much. Their willingness to help out has changed her life. The love that they have for Bell is certainly being reciprocated.

As Bell’s new mommy, she is more than happy to spend time with her. The two have become fast friends. She’s not too wild about strangers, though. She and her feline brother Hugo have recently welcomed a new addition into the home. They now have a new baby sister. She’s a human, though. They weren’t too enthused initially.

After all, why should this newcomer show up and usurp all of the attention? The two cats stopped by to give her a sniff and that was about the extent of their interactions. Bell soon came to the realization that there was a reason to be excited, though. The new baby came with all sorts of new toys that were fun to play with. It turns out that having a new baby sister was better than she expected.

Once the parents set up baby’s toys, Bell knew that she was in for some fun. In fact, the idea that they may not belong to her did not even occur to her. She thought that the toys had been purchased on her behalf. When the baby attempted to play with their new toys, Bell took offense. She sincerely believed that these toys were hers and she was not looking to share them with anyone.

According to Aurora, Bell seems to enjoy the toys far more than the baby does. The play mat is one of her absolute favorites. After awhile, Bell finally came around on the idea of having a new sibling. She realized that the toys were for both of them to enjoy. They would soon fall in love with one another. Now, they are the best of friends and they share the toys in the proper manner.

We are glad that these two are now buddies. Bell’s selfishness may have been regrettable but it doesn’t matter how you start. It’s all about how you finish. If you loved this story as much as we did, be sure to pass it along.

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