Sad Old Dog Can’t Be Happier When He Gets Adopted After 2,381 Days of Rejection

Higgins is a sweet and kind German shepherd mix. Unfortunately, he has had quite a difficult time when it comes to finding a home. He has spent the entirety of his life at the shelter. It took him over eight years to find the right residence. At long last, he was able to find him a forever home. The poor dog had been waiting patiently for what seemed like an eternity.

Posted by Humane Society of Preble County on Tuesday, April 30, 2019

This dog was residing in an Ohio shelter. The Humane Society of Preble County assisted him in the meantime. “Why don’t you just put him to sleep?” is the most common question that people asked. Leslie Renner is the director at this location. She was not willing to give up on him. She knew that the dog was going to make a great companion for someone eventually.

As time passed, the dog’s chances of finding the right home started to dwindle. People are not usually willing to take on a senior dog. They would much rather take home a dog that is younger. Puppies are considered to be cuter and easier to train. Old dogs are believed to be set in their ways. The first time he was adopted, the situation turned out to be less than acceptable.

They had left the dog outside, chained to a dog house. Someone found him as a stray and brought him back. Nobody even bothered to come after him. They did not care that the dog was no longer in their possession. Higgins was used to life at the shelter. People kept passing him over for younger pups. The shelter workers decided to create a Facebook post to help him out.

Luckily, this message made its way to the right folks. Brendon Reed arrived on the scene and he knew that he had to take Higgins back home with him. Now that Higgins was 8 years old, Brendon knew that someone would need to take him in before it was too late. “I don’t know how he didn’t get adopted,” says Brendon. We are inclined to agree.

It is nice to see Higgins receiving the happy ending that his story deserves. Once the shelter realized that the dog would finally be settled in, they put out a message to the world on their Facebook page. Higgins is beyond happy at his new home. Brendon is glad to have him as well. They are a match made in heaven. Please share this touching tale!


Posted by Humane Society of Preble County on Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Source: Epoch Times

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