Cat Gets ‘World’s First’ Bionic Paws After Losing Feet To Frostbite

The cat in this story has been through quite a lot. Can you believe that this poor baby lost all of his paws? He experienced a particularly severe case of frostbite and his life has not been the same since. The cat was outside in the Siberian cold. The temperatures dwindled to 40 degrees below Celsius. How this cat even survived is beyond our comprehension.

By the time the cat was found, he was experiencing gangrene. In most instances, this would lead to the cat being put to sleep. Fortunately for this fellow, a better solution was in store. Say hello to the world’s first bionic cat! Well, maybe he’s not exactly bionic but he is definitely different from the norm. The cat’s new owners decided that they were not going to allow him to die.

That’s why they brought him to a specialized clinic. The Novosibirsk, Russia clinic that assisted the cat had a special idea in store. Instead of allowing the animal to perish, they elected to provide him with some brand new limbs. In order to create the paws, sophisticated computer tomography was needed. Three dimensional modeling also played a major role in the process.

These paws are believed to be the first of their kind. This has been confirmed by Sergey Gorshkov. He is one of the vets who was responsible for this cat’s care. This is the first surgery of its kind that has taken place. “The limbs have fully connected with the skin and bone,” says Sergey. The bone tissue is now growing inside of the artificial limbs.

Of course, the cat does not exactly look steady on their feet. It will take some time for the animal to get used to their new limbs. We are sure that this cat will adjust over the long haul, though. We are kind of jealous of these paws. They would make for some awesome snowshoes. Now, if he gets trapped outdoors again, he will be able to make his way back inside more easily.

Would you like to see this cat in action? Wondering how these artificial limbs actually work? Of course you are. Be sure to check out the clip below as soon as possible. We have heard of cats having nine lives to spare before but this is ridiculous! Take a moment to pass this awesome story along to your closest friends and loved ones, so that they can see him for themselves.

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