Video Of A Dad Having A Conversation With His Baby Is Going Viral

It doesn’t matter who we are, we all have a special place in our heart for our children. When we talk about our children with others, we likely talk about how cute or how clever they are. Although we may correct in saying that they are cute, they don’t likely hold a candle to the little baby in this video. He has got to be the most adorable baby in the world!

Shanieke is his mother and she filled her little baby, Kingston as he sat on the sofa and watched television with his father. His dad, Deztin “DJ” Pryor got the conversation rolling and the one-year-old child decided to join in.

You may have seen Deztin before. He is a budding comedian that recently showcased his skills at the 2019 CBS Diversity Sketch Comedy Showcase. It gave him the opportunity to get in front of some talent agents as well as directors and executives. His skills were easy to see because he ended up being placed in the top 21 comic actors out of the 3000 who auditioned.

As he talks to his baby in this short video you can see how the comedic timing comes into play. There is a lot of humor that goes back and forth between father and son and we look forward to seeing more of him in the future.

Although Deztin may be the comedian, it’s Kingston that really steals the show. It seems that comedy runs deep in the family and Kingston is not afraid to let his father know his opinion about what they are watching. Even though he isn’t able to say any words, we all understand exactly what he is saying.

Children learn by watching their parents and judging by what this little boy shows in a short video clip, I’d say his parents are doing a great job.

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