Cat-Loving Artist Creates Amazing Indoor Tree for His Cat – See Inside

Art comes in a variety of forms. Whether you enjoy paintings, music or sculptures, there are no shortage of ways to express ourselves and connect with others in the process. After all, that is what art is all about, right? Artists can always find the mediums that work best for them and that is what this story is focused on. Robert Rogalski is used to receiving attention for his work.

He never could have expected what would take place here, though. He’s a gifted drawer and sculptor. His latest creation is definitely turning a lot of heads, though. Many of Robert’s works could rest comfortably on a bookshelf. This creation is just a bit larger, however. He created an indoor tree that is on prominent display at his friend’s house.

His reason for creating it is an adorable one. The tree may look really awesome and provide his friend with an excellent conversation piece but it was actually designed with someone else in mind: his friend’s cat! We cannot begin to imagine how happy this cat must have been when they saw the gift that they were being presented with. Heck, we are experiencing secondhand excitement just looking at it!

This is a form of cat heaven, we are convinced. Robert says that this is not the first time he has crafted a tree like this one. He can finish a project like this one within a few weeks and even crafted a tree for a little girl’s room. He gets lots and lots of comments on his social media pages from his legion of fans and we are thinking of saving up for our own commission.

To create these trees, he starts with a wooden armature. Foam, paper pulp, particle clay, wood glue and fiberglass resin are added as needed. If he is looking to construct a tree that does not need the same amount of structure, Robert will utilize cardboard and papier mache. This is one brilliant artist and we are glad that his works are now on our radar.

“I start to construct a wooden armature, to give structure, then I attaché, then carve sheets, or blocks of foam, that are then covered with a paper pulp/particle clay. that is mixed with heavy duty wood glue.. ( or even fiberglass resin, but I prefer not to use fiberglass ) This is extremely durable.

For something that needs a little less structure, or is Temporary, like a Theatrical Set, or storefront display I’ll build “a tree” out of cardboard, and paper mache.. Some times I’ll do a mix of both techniques… This is still very Durable.”

Did you love this story as much as we did? If so, please be sure to pass it along to the animal lovers in your life. Your cat is sure to love one of these trees, as well. Those who are looking to receive trees of their own will need to reside close to Robert. He lives in the city of Rochester, New York and he does not ship any of his works out.

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