Veteran Sees Puppy In Hot Car And Breaks The Law To Save Him

When we hear stories about animals who are trapped inside of overheated vehicles, it makes our blood boil. Why can’t these people just leave their animals at home?

Jason Minson is a veteran who recently went through this sort of experience. He is a landscaper who lives in Virginia. Minson was out on the job one day when he came across a dog in need.

He was hard at work when he heard a loud noise in the street. A car had bumped into another vehicle when they were making their way down the street.

Posted by Jason Minson on Tuesday, April 30, 2019

It is a good thing that Jason heard the commotion, or else he never would have discovered what was truly going on. He approached the car and noticed that there was a dog inside who seemed to be distressed.

The noise of the collision woke the animal up. The poor dog was clearly way too hot and the incessant panting let Jason know that the pooch needed to be saved from their fiery prison.

He knew that the dog was not going to survive much longer. He contacted 911 and asked for their help. The police dispatched a unit but they let Jason know that he could not break the window.

This is considered to be a crime in the state of Virginia. The laws do vary from state to state, though. The window was open just a sliver and Jason decided to give the dog a bottle of water.

Posted by Jason Minson on Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The dog was so thirsty that they went through a bottle within minutes. Jason offered a second water bottle and the dog drank that one just as quickly.

Jason considers himself to be a fairly tolerant person but he was losing his cool. How could someone leave this dog for so long and why was the police taking their sweet time to get there?

Someone was going to have to take action. The dog was losing its ability to sit up. He could tell that the animal was not long for this world if he did not help.

Jason smashed the window and he’s got no regrets about the matter. The person responsible for leaving the dog was charged and he was not. The dog has since been taken to a local shelter.

From the looks of it, they are doing much better now. We hope that our readers take the time to share this important story. It is high time that people learned that there will be consequences for leaving your animals to roast like this.

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