Cat Steals The Limelight At Christian Dior Fashion Show

Fashion shows are a great deal of fun to attend. They allow us to spend time in the presence of the beautiful people. We also get to marvel at all of the latest fashions. Models are always going to dress to impress. However, one recent fashion show had a surprise visitor who managed to steal the show. This Marrakech show turned into a literal catwalk.

That’s because one special feline decided to crash the party. Those who reside in Marrakech get to see cats on a regular basis. They love to lounge in all sorts of different locations. People leave them alone in most instances and the cats are happy to return the favor. The cats get to enjoy the food scraps they leave behind as well. The system seems to work well for all parties involved.

There are no real dangers in these streets, either. This makes life easier on the cats who reside there. The cat in this story has decided that they are looking to rise above their current station. When Christian Dior decided to have a fashion show in Morocco, the cat in this story just had to see what all of the hype was about. The models were in the process of doing their thing when the feline showed up.

The loud music did not faze them in the slightest. This cat was determined to strut its stuff. Of course, the crowd went wild. How could anyone resist an animal this cute? All was well and good until the cat decided that it was time to make their territory. The catwalk and one of the models’ dresses took the brunt of this abuse, sadly.

The cat’s taste is impeccable. The dress that they soiled happened to be a very expensive ball gown. This is just what happens when you decide to have an outdoor fashion show. The cats of Morocco are not going to be afraid to show up. Interruptions like this one are simply par for the course and there is very little that can actually be done to stop them.

If you loved this clip as much as we did, be sure to share it with your friends and loved ones. We cannot stop laughing at this cat and they sure do have a lot of moxie. Maybe there should be a fashion show just for cats in the future? To be perfectly honest, we would be front and center for that one.

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