Woman Drove Dog 1,300 Miles Home To Find That Owner No Longer Wants Her

Blue is a pitbull mix with quite the story to tell. No one is sure exactly how this dog managed to make their way to Michigan from Florida. She ended up with the good folks at the Humane Society of Midland County recently.

When they first looked her over, they were happy to discover a microchip. Hopefully, they would have the chance to reunite her with her rightful owner.

When they called her owner in Florida, the woman had no idea that she was in Michigan. Blue had vanished from her home unexpectedly. Now, she wanted the dog returned.

The employees wanted to make sure that Blue was returned. They even contacted the local media to see if anyone would be willing to make the trip. “The community totally stepped up,” said Logan Smith.

He works as an animal care technician at this location. While hundreds of people were ready to make the trip, only one doggy chauffeur could be chosen.

Stephanie James was selected. She loves the state of Florida, enjoys driving and wanted to help Blue. Stephanie took the necessary time off from work, grabbed her brother and the family hit the road.

She had not met Blue before but the two became fast friends. Blue even rested her head on Stephanie’s shoulder while driving. The drive covered about 1,300 miles.

At long last, Blue was back home where she belonged. When they first arrived, all seemed to be well. Blue recognized her surroundings and was very happy. Finally, the owner dropped a bomb on Stephanie.

According to the owner, it was best for Blue to simply head back to Michigan. Of course, Stephanie wanted to know why she hadn’t been told this earlier.

She knew that she could not get upset, though. This would be the best thing for the dog. Unfortunately, Stephanie already had too many animals at her home and could not take Blue in.

The Humane Society took to Facebook to ask if anyone in the area would be willing to help out. Inquiries came flooding in and it only took a few days for a new owner to be found.

Robert Allison stopped by soon after. He and the dog hit it off right away. Now, she and Robert are living together in perfect harmony. What a happy ending! If you would like to find out more about Blue’s new life, be sure to visit her Facebook page.

h/t: TheDodo

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