People Are Finding It Impossible To Find The Big Cat In This Photo

While the animal in this photo is widely considered to be one of the most striking creatures on the planet, there are many who are struggling to locate them in this photo. Saurabh Desai is a wildlife photographer who is responsible for sharing the picture. The photo was taken in Northern India’s Spiti Valley. At first glance, it seems to be a typical landscape photo.

Nothing major to see here, right? However, this is one of those images that rewards repeat viewing. As it turns out, there is a unique animal hiding on the snow covered crag. These snow leopards are native to the Northern India region and can blend in almost anywhere. This big cat is so good at blending in, people are still looking for him.

If you are struggling to locate the snow leopard in this photo, just know that you are not alone. This photo has been passed around the Internet a great deal lately. Locals refer to these big cats as “Shan” and even they struggle to locate them. The way that they can hide in plain sight is incredible. We can’t lie, we are a bit jealous of this ability.

“I wanted this animal to be captured the way people have described it,” according to Desai. Many say that the Shan can’t be seen but they are more than capable of seeing others! A second photo provides a helpful hint for those who are currently stumped. The snow leopard is always staring back at us, even when we do not think that they are actually present.

While there are some snow leopards that are not as challenging to spot, their ability to traverse this tough terrain keeps them away from the average human. Desai is willing to take the plunge and we are grateful for that. It took him almost three years to find these snow leopards. Once he finally made contact with these animals, he was absolutely speechless.

We appreciate all of his tireless efforts. If not for the work that he was willing to put in, we never would have had the chance to see this snow leopard. Kudos to him and all of the wildlife photographers who provide us with opportunities to expand our horizons. Without all of their hard work, we would never have the chance to see animals like these up close. Please be sure to pass this story along, so that you can find out if your friends and loved ones can spot the elusive snow leopard!

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