Dog Stuck In Shelter For 6 Years Never Gave Up Hope

“Why aren’t you just putting that animal to sleep?” is something that many animal shelter volunteers hear over the course of their lives. Sadly, there are too many people out there who believe that it is that easy to walk away from an animal in need. Leslie Renner works as the executive director for The Humane Society of Preble County and she has been asked this question more than a few times.

Higgins the dog was the topic of these discussions. He resided at the shelter for six years and did not know any other life. Leslie did not want to give up, though. Higgins was also willing to keep the faith. While he was initially adopted when he was a younger puppy, the dog was brought back to the shelter soon after. When he made his way back, he was returned as a stray.

Clearly, these owners did not want to put in the time and effort to create a better relationship with Higgins. Sadly, the owners did not stop by to look for him once. They did not care if he lived or died. Higgins loves to spend time with the other animals but this makes it more challenging for him to find a family. He does best in environments where he has friends to pal around with.

Leslie tried her best to remain patient. Higgins kept on getting passed over. As he grew older, she knew that it would be harder and harder for him. Most adopters are seeking puppies, not older dogs like Higgins. Those who stopped by assumed that Higgins must not be adoptable. After all, why would people keep on passing him over every year?

“People just walked past him,” says Leslie. The worried expression on his face was probably to blame. Finally, a man named Brendon decided to change Higgins’ life. He marched into the shelter and announced that he was taking him home. Brendon saw his ad online and knew that Higgins would be perfect for his new residence. “I don’t know how he didn’t get adopted,” said Brendon.

Higgins is finally away from the rigors of shelter living. As you may have guessed, he is head over heels in love with his new home. He’s beyond happy and spends most of his time lounging in the lap of luxury. If this story touched your heart as much as it did ours, be sure to pass it along to your closest friends and loved ones.

To learn more about Higgin’s journey, you can follow him on Snapchat @higginsdoggo. 

Source: TheDodo

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