Man Visits Shelters to Ask for Dogs That No One Wants, Ends Up Adopting 10 Senior Canines

There are not many people out there who are usually willing to adopt senior dogs. Most of the folks who are in the market for a shelter dog will look for puppies instead.

This is understandable enough. Steve Greig is a Colorado accountant with a different story to tell, however. He recently laid one of his dogs to rest and decided to deal with his grief in a different way.

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Don't worry, they'll be fine, Englebert is driving. Feeding the horses at @andersenfarms #atv4aarp

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Months had passed and Steve still felt awful. He decided that the best way to make himself feel better was if “something good happened”. When he went to the local animal shelter, he made a rather unusual request.

He asked them to show him all of the dogs that were unwanted by others. Steve grew up with a lot of animals in his house, so it is second nature to have multiple dogs on the premises.

Eeyore may have had bad knees and a heart murmur but this dog was still going to come home with Steve. “That was just the beginning of all the animals,” according to him.

He stayed true to his word. Eight different senior dogs now reside with him. He also took in his roommate’s dog and his sister’s dog. While it is tough sledding to care for all of these animals, he is happy.

All of the dogs have differing diets to consider. He still wakes up early to make sure all of them are fed in a timely manner. The senior dogs each have their own health problems to consider and he handles all of them.

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In memory… I knew the time would be coming sooner rather than later as Oprah was not a young chicken. She's lived with me for over 8 years and I have no idea how old she was at the time I adopted her but she was already an adult. I try not to dwell on the unpleasant so I focused on enjoying her special personality, whether she was on the couch watching movies, or walking around the house as if she were one of the dogs, or putting up with my ridiculous request to ride the Roomba and recently the electric kid's car with Edna and Engelbert. Little by little she claimed her place in this house and I considered her as much a part of it as anyone else. Sadly, last week it became evident that her time with me was quickly coming to an end. She went from wanting to stay inside only at night, to staying inside both night and day, limiting her movement. I hand-fed her favorite treats until finally she wouldn't even take those anymore, so I just held her and tried to let her know it would be okay, and I swear she understood. I will miss that chicken more than I would have ever thought possible. I buried her in the garden so she will always be a part of this house where she belongs. ???? #thechickenthatstolemyheart

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The pets also have grooming appointments to consider. He takes care of these considerations on his weekends. What an incredibly selfless man.

Bikini the pig also lives with the dogs. As if that were not enough, there is an entire menagerie of animals residing at the home. Rabbits, fish, ducks, chickens, pigeons and cats all live here.

Steve says that he likes senior animals because they already know what they want out of life. They are much easier to develop a relationship with.

We just hope that Steve is able to hold onto his day job. Feeding these animals cannot be cheap. It must cost him a small fortune to handle all of their various health and grooming needs as well.

Kudos to this man for being willing to assist the animals that no one else can bring themselves to care about.

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