Charlotte Man Saves Pregnant Dog From Euthanization, Delivers Puppies

A Charlotte dog was about to be euthanized when the most amazing rescue took place. You simply never know when a good Samaritan will arrive on the scene and this dog is beyond grateful for this man’s help. She was pregnant at the time and was about to be put to sleep. Nicholas came across Emma while she was on her last legs at a Charlotte shelter.

Her days were numbered and we shudder to think of what would have occurred if he had not come along when he did. He did not even know that she was pregnant when he found her. All he knew was that she was a sweet dog in need of help. A friend of his had let him know about the dog’s plight. He did not hesitate to head to the shelter and put his best foot forward.

Don’t you wish that there were more people like Nicholas in the world? Once he arrived at Jesse’s Place Rescue Inc., he knew that he was going to be taking this dog home with him. Nicholas also viewed this dog’s presence as a sign. He had lost the last dog he had rescued back in 2016. ““I’m interested in fostering and possibly adopting this sweet girl,” read Nick’s letter to the organization.

The shelter did not know that the dog was pregnant when the animal was taken to Nick’s house. It did not take long for all parties involved to determine that the dog was about to give birth any day. Emma would need Nick’s experience in her corner. As it turns out, he had already delivered farm animals in the past and this experience was about to come in handy.

They elected to allow the birth to take place at his house. This was less risky than taking her all the way back to the shelter. He enlisted his friend Sheena to assist him and the two went shopping for all of the items that would be needed for a successful birth. Six puppies were born soon after. Emma now had two boys and four girls to look after!

We are proud to report that she and her babies are doing quite well. In the meantime, Nicholas is going to be responsible for Emma’s care. It did not take long for him to develop a close bond with his new friend. He says that he loves her unconditionally and we are glad to see that this story has had a happy ending.

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