Chihuahua Saves Man’s Life – In Return He Has Saved More Than 40 Little Dogs

Bobby Humphreys is the sort of fellow who did not ever imagine himself owning a little dog. He fancied himself as more of the Rottweiler type. Of course, life has a way of shattering the self images that we create. When his marriage ended after 17 years, he hit rock bottom. There were even times when Bobby found himself considering the unthinkable.

He was sad, lonely and did not know where to turn. His friend Connie would not allow him to succumb to the depression. She stayed by his side until she knew that he was going to be okay. Sadly, she would eventually have to move away. Connie did not want Bobby to miss her too much, though. She offered him the chance to take care of her dog while she was gone.

Bobby did not want to do it at first. After all, the dog was a little Chihuahua and he was a big dog guy. Lady had also treated him coldly in the past. He knew that he needed to put all of that aside and help his friend out. It did not take long for him to make the right decision. After the initial hesitation, he soon realized that he had nothing to worry about.

He and Lady got along wonderfully. On their first day together, she even crawled right into his lap as soon as he got home from work. Connie returned to check on the two. She was stunned to see how quickly they had bonded. According to her, this is the sort of dog who hates everyone. Lady must have sensed that Bobby was in need of a friend.

Ever since the first meeting, the two have been joined at the hip. Some might say that Bobby saved Lady but he will hear none of it. In his eyes, she is the one who is responsible for saving him. She came into his life at an extremely low point and gave him someone to look forward to seeing each day. Now, he is a changed man and loves little dogs with his whole heart.

Connie eventually took Lady back. Bobby chose a new Chihuahua for himself. Her name is Kira. He also found Harley and Quinn. These Chihuahua puppies were more than happy to head home with Bobby. He could not stop adopting these dogs and now he is the proud owner of the Big Guy, Little Dogs sanctuary. He’s rescued over 30 Chihuahuas from horrible situations and if you would like to find out more, be sure to visit Bobby’s Facebook page.

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