Woman’s Life-Changing Surgery On ‘Bulbous’ Nose Completely Transforms Her Appearance

The world tends to throw it’s idea of perfection in front of us constantly. We see it on TV, on Social Media and sometimes, we even see it in public areas. Although we see that ‘perfection’ regularly, it isn’t fair to those of us who are never able to achieve it. After all, not all of us were born with the perfect skin and shape.

A mother of two named Pamela was, at one time, a young girl with perfect skin but then puberty set in. She has struggled with acne since and even worse after her teenage years.

After giving birth to her second child, she noticed her nose was changing. She was diagnosed with rhinophyma, a severe form of rosacea that left her with a ‘bulbous’ nose.

After being diagnosed, it affected more than her appearance, it affected her self-esteem. When she gave an interview with The Doctors in October, Pamela told of her struggle through tears. She said, “It has stopped me from leaving the house. I’ve had anxiety for a long time.”

When Pamela contacted the show, she was hoping for a cure. What they did was to put her in touch with a dermatologist who would help her through the situation.

Pamela learned that an invasive treatment was necessary. Rhinophyma is sometimes treated with topical creams but in her case, surgery was needed. That surgery would reduce her nose to its original size.

Rather than hiding from the world, she decided to share her story openly. The panel then decided to help her with what she needed.

This is where Dr. Ann Zedlits come is. She is the dermatologist that was assigned to Pamela’s case and now, she is on The Doctors with Pamela to discuss the results. Let me just say, they are incredible. You can barely even recognize her after the surgery.

“I am excited about the new me. I no longer hide!” Pamela said. She has reason to be proud, her new look is stunning.

How were they able to approach the case? Dr Zedlits said they used 3 phases. The first was CO2 Therapy along with a skin tightening procedure known as Ulthera, fillers and finally oral medications for her pores.

You really need to see the transformation to appreciate it. Take a look for yourself in this video:

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