Mete Chester: The Dog Making Headlines For His Outlandish Costumes

Do you have a dog in your family? If you do, you realize just how much they bring to the relationship. Not only are they a protector and a companion, but they are also a lot of fun to have around. Some dogs will even allow you to dress them up in costumes and if you have a creative streak in you, it’s hard to tell how far it will go.

That is where Chester comes in. He is the canine child of Carrie Bilbo, his human companion and he is probably the best dressed dog out there. At least that is true as far as costumes are concerned. You see, Carrie and Chester have won the Fort Greene Park Annual PUPkin Dog Costume Contest two years in a row (should have been three years according to Carrie). His costumes include an Ewok, a llama, and a bug. Quite honestly, you have to see it to believe it, so look down through the pictures and video below:

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