Chunky Bulldog Steals Hearts At Dog Show – Goes Viral With His Impressive Agility Performance

Anyone who sees an English bulldog doesn’t typically think “physically fit.” However, anyone who does work out regularly knows that the rewards can be substantial.

Rudy, an English bulldog, provided quite the performance at the Westminster Dog Show. He tore through the agility course like there was no tomorrow. He provided that bulldogs are incredibly more fit than many give the breed credit for. He exceeded all of the expectations that were there for him and stole the show.

Bulldogs are stocky and not known for their agility. Most would rather cuddle on the sofa than do anything that causes physical exertion. Rudy, however, loves to train for agility tests. He reached through the course in 50 seconds. He jumped over the obstacles like they were nothing.

Rudy didn’t win. It was a sad moment because people were really rooting for him. However, he is the real winner because he made the entire breed of bulldogs proud. He also smashed through stereotypes that English bulldogs are lazy. Anyone who tuned into the dog show will know that Rudy killed it out on the agility test.

Rudy was in the 16-inch class. He’s from Ohio and his full name is Von Rudolph Augustus Perkins. Debra, his mom and handler, ran the course with him in order to prompt him through everything. He had to weave, jump, scale angular walls, and run through tunnels. He impressed at every turn.

There were multiple jumps, all done at a preferred height of 12 inches. He was able to get them all. There were even obstacles that required him to run up and, then, lower the board so that he could run down. The announcers were shocked. They said that they certainly didn’t expect to see this out of an English bulldog.

“That was awesome!” One announcer said when the dog came flying off that dog walk.

The announcers knew that Rudy was going to put on a show when his handler released him. As soon as the clock started, he took off. It was obvious that he finds these kinds of runs exciting. He made it through the hoop like it was nothing and continued to run throughout the entire obstacle.

The replays were just as exciting. He weaved, though he was a bit awkward through them. The announcers called them “bully weaves.” They were also half-expecting the crowd to start chanting Rudy because of the exciting show that he was able to put on.

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