Coca-Cola Is No Longer Sponsoring The Iditarod

The Iditarod is known to most as a popular dog sledding race. Now that we know more about how inhumane these types of practices are, activists have been working tirelessly to put a stop to such exhibitions. Now, this controversy is causing sponsors to reconsider their relationship with the sled race’s organizers. Coca-Cola is one of them.

They are backing out of the event. This company does not want to be associated with such a cruel practice. Kudos to Coca-Cola for not caring about the bottom line here. They did not want to be associated with such a race and we cannot blame them one bit. There has been a great deal of backlash against the race. The Coca-Cola company did not want to bury their heads in the sand any longer.

Better late than never, right? This race might seem lighthearted to some. After all, there will always be those who claim that these types of decisions are only being made to appease “PC culture”. These same folks will also claim that we, as a society, are now acting too “soft”. On the other hand, these folks remain blissfully unaware of the death toll that this race is responsible for.

Over 150 dogs have perished on the course over the past 40 plus years. Coca-Cola is not the only major sponsor who has decided that they want nothing to do with the race anymore. Wells Fargo and Maxwell House are among the other companies that have removed themselves from sponsor consideration this year. The dogs that are forced to endure these conditions need more help, though.

They are forced to reside outdoors all year round. The dogs often experience ulcers and bleeding paws as a result of the inhumane treatment. While it is nice to see sponsors removing themselves from consideration, it would be even better to see this race abolished entirely. Some of the dogs are even selectively killed if they cannot make the cut.

Hopefully, stories like these start to turn the tide. People need to realize that these races are not harmless. Let’s all do our part to move towards a culture that is more ethical towards animals. There is no reason for races like these to exist. If all sponsors refused to cosign this madness, the Iditarod would cease to exist. Please visit the Humane Mushing site to find out more about how you can help and be sure to pass this story along!

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