Dog Owner Accidentally Taught His Pet An Impressive New Trick

Dogs and their owners tend to enjoy a very special relationship. These animals serve as natural extensions of their owners. We’ve all heard the jokes about dogs becoming more like their owners over the course of time. The owner in this story is an avid Xbox player (like so many others) and this habit has had an unintended consequence on his pooch.

The dog has now been trained to carry out a pretty neat trick. Dog owners who are not able to get their pup to go to sleep when it is time for the humans to go to bed will definitely appreciate this one. Xbox fiends can also relate. Who among us hasn’t been told that it is time for bed once our eyeballs start to get droopy and the game is becoming blurry?

Once the Xbox is shut off, it is time for bed. This is a simple enough concept for a human to grasp. Little did we know that dogs are able to heed this simple lesson, too. We all know what that telltale sound means and now dogs know, too. At least this man’s dog does. Perhaps he will share his awesome techniques with the rest of the world someday.

In the meantime, we are going to wonder how he managed to pull this off. Was it the sheer repetition of heading to bed every time the Xbox was turned off? Or maybe the dog is just making this decision on their own? Either way, it is clear to see that this man has his dog trained to go to bed as soon as the Xbox is turned off each night and we are jealous!

Who wouldn’t be jealous of such a well trained dog? Just take a closer look at the animal’s face. This is one dog that knows what’s what. He knows his owner’s routine inside and out. In fact, this dog’s response to the sound of the Xbox being turned off reminds us of the way that dogs respond when they happen to hear the sound of our cars pulling in.

Dogs are able to tell the difference between the sound of our cars and the sound of other people’s cars. The dog in this clip is able to tell the difference between the sound of the Xbox being powered down and any other sounds that might take place during this hour of the evening. If this man’s hilarious clip made you laugh as much as we did, please do not hesitate to pass it along to all the dog owners you know!

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