Stray Dog Finally Takes A Relaxing Naps When He Realizes He Is Going To A Loving Home

Anand Raman was out and about one day in Dubai, when the unthinkable occurred. He was on his way to pay his sister a visit at her place of work. The Dubai weather was very hot and the rest of the locals were trying their absolute best to stay cool. As he approached his sister’s office building, he saw that there was a small and dirty dog hiding beneath a car.

His legs were clearly hurting and the dog was surviving off scraps that his sister’s coworkers had left behind. When the dog saw Anand, he sensed that the man could help him. He took off in a dead sprint towards Anand. Of course, Raman knew that he had to help the animal as soon as possible. There was no other choice to be made in this instance.

The dog was equal parts curious and excited. The two sat down together on the sidewalk. Anand says that the dog was more than happy to be petted by him for a bit. Finally, he decided to carry the animal to the car. The tired pup fell asleep on Anand’s shoulder! Raman knew that he would need to take the dog to the vet’s office. The animal was going to need help in order to survive.

The poor animal was tested and the source of his pain was finally isolated. As it turns out, the dog had rickets. His lack of nutrition had caused the problem to occur. From there, it was an easy fix. The grime and dirt was washed off the dog’s body as well. Anand was stunned to find out that the dog had a pure, white coat. He named him Snowy after the bath was finished.

The dog needed time to adapt to living with a caring human being. Raman says the animal would spend lots of time just sitting in corners. He did not like to be taken for walks because he believed he was being abandoned. It took a few months for the dog to understand that he was in a better situation. Snowy was simply not used to being loved.

Luckily, this dynamic duo has decided to create their own Instagram page. Those who are looking to remain up to date on the future adventures that Snowy and Anand will share should definitely take the time to follow them as soon as possible. As for us, we could not press that follow button fast enough!

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