Puppy With A 6-pound Tumor Is Dumped At Shelter To Be Put Down – Gets A Second Chance

A sweet puppy by the name of Clyde was dropped off at the Gallatin County Animal Shelter to be euthanized by his owner.

Clyde was brought into the shelter in Sparta, Kentucky by his owner because of a 6-pound tumor that he was dragging around. The staff was shocked when the owner left him, asking them to euthanize the dog.

Thanks to the kindness of strangers and the dog with a heart of gold, the dog was not euthanized. In fact, he got a new lease on life.

Shari Wyenandt with the HART Animal rescue said that Clyde was only a year old, which is way too young to get the death sentence.

The tumor wasn’t something that appeared overnight. Vets believed that it had been growing for over six months, which is about half of the dog’s life. Had the owner done something about it early on, it would have never gotten to be the six-pound size that it was when the owner dropped the dog off for euthanization.

The Gallatin County Shelter posted a picture of the dog with a plea. They asked for someone to please take care of the shepherd/husky mix because he is adorable and needs vet care immediately. They were so upset that an owner could do this and hope that the man never gets another pet because, clearly, he can’t care for them.

It was then that HART reached out. Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, HARD had him transferred to the Mason County Animal Hospital. He quickly underwent surgery for tumor removal. The dog’s neglectful owner never even named the dog. HART chose the name Clyde.

The surgery was a success and Clyde is now resting comfortably in the care of HART in Cincinnati. The tumor is also going to be biopsied so that they know more about what it was and how it was caused.

It’s nice to know that Clyde is now in the hands of people who care. He has a name and he has people who are going to love him. It will only be a matter of time before HART decides to find Clyde his forever home with a family who is going to adopt him. Currently, HART Animal Rescue is looking for people who will donate to his medical care. As for anyone who may want to adopt him or another rescue, HART is always looking for animal lovers.

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