These Colorful, Cozy Campers Can Be Pulled By Almost Any Vehicle – See Inside

If you and your family are interested in exploring the country or if you want to take a year-round vacation, using a camper trailer is one of the top solutions.

The problem is, towing a tiny home or a big trailer is not always the most convenient thing to do. Thankfully, a company, known as Meerkat recently highlighted a mini trailer that can easily fit two people and is the solution you have been looking for.

The brand behind Meerkat, Little Guy Trailers make tiny campers that may not have all of the room of a bigger unit but they sure are easy to get from one side of the country to the other.

Since the trailers only weigh about 900 pounds, they can easily be towed by any car and if necessary, can even be pushed by a human.

After converting the wraparound couch into a bed, you can easily sleep two. There is also a hanging closet, sink, icebox and a bathroom. Everything you need to travel comfortably.

The trailer may be small but there are some rather large windows and the canopy roof also collapses so you can take in the view when you park the Meerkat or pull out the awning to enjoy a nice day.

If this seems like something you would be interested in, the prices start at $17,820. It’s trendy but there are many options to choose from, including solo sleepers and a teardrop trailer. Enjoy your travels!

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